Artworks sent from outside EU



Any artwork arriving in the UK from outside the European Union Economic Zone, MUST be cleared through customs and it must be sent to our shipping agent, The British Shop.

You can enquire in your home country to make an ATA Carnet or temporary import but this is often complicated and expensive so we recommend the following procedure that is simple but needs to be done accurately to avoid problems.

  • You will need to prepare an import and export invoice (2 invoices); one for shipping to the UK, and one for shipping from the UK (back to you). We have made a invoice template for you to use in Word format that you can correct and fill in with your details, please click here to download. You can also email Marie a copy of your invoices when you have finished so she can make sure they are ok.


  • Import to UK - Invoice instructions:

    • Open the invoice template supplied.
    • Replace the sections in red with your details and artwork details.
    • Make the text black and try to fit everything on 1 page and send it to Marie.
    • Print 4 copies of the import invoice and give them to the courier at pick up.
    • *If you create an electronic commercial invoice provided by the shipper, you must make sure all the details in red on our attached invoice template are included on the invoice provided by the shipper. 
    • *If you send the artwork by Courier (Fedex, UPS,TNT etc.)  you must tick the box “Shipper pays all taxes and charges” on the shipping airwaybill. 


  • Delivery address for shipping:

  • “Full Artist Name” / Biennale
    C/O Gagliardi Design Ltd
    The British Shop-UK
    Unit 3
    Langley Park
    End of Waterside Drive
    Berkshire SL3 6AD

    Tel: +44 (0)1895 444 877  

    Please let Tecla ( know by email that you are shipping.


  • Export from UK and back to you - Invoice instructions:

    • Open invoice template. Invert sender and consignee so that you are the receiver!
    • Please email export invoice to



    • For IMPORT TAX purposes, it is very important that you put the right commodity code for your artwork on the invoice, you will only be charged 5% of tax if you use the correct code, otherwise you automatically pay 20% tax of the invoice value.
    • On the attached invoice template, you will see in red where you should display the appropriate commodity code. The potentially useful codes are ALL LISTED for you and you should DELETE the codes that do not apply to your work. ONLY ONE COMMODITY CODE SHOULD BE ON YOUR INVOICE.


  • NOMINAL INVOICE VALUE - Pay the right import tax

You will have to pay import tax on the total value you put on the invoice. (5% on the  invoice value with the correct commodity code, even if it is for exhibition only).

Please put a nominal value on the invoice (0 value is not accepted by Customs, so it has to be higher than zero). 

BE CAREFUL in relation to the artwork value you put on the invoice as if you put a high value, you will have to pay a high amount in tax, for example: 

Invoice value: £10000
YOU PAY: £500                                                                                                                                       

Invoice Value: £1000
You pay: £50

Invoice Value: £100
You pay: £5



All shipments and invoices must be sent with the instruction "free Domicile" “Sender pays all charges” (this is in red and is already included on the Invoice attachment).


  • In order to avoid potential problems, it is important that your shipper is authorised to charge any tax payable to your credit card or courier account. If this is not possible, you must be able to send the money to “the British Shop” immediately and then they can pay the taxes for you.

  • Your work will not be released by customs until the import charges are paid and you risk that the work is be returned to you by the courier at your charge.  

  • If you choose to send the artwork with a courier company, tax will be payable immediately on entry to the UK and you must tick the box “ shipper pays all tax and charges” on all your shipping dockets/airway bills provided by the courier.

  • We strongly recommend that you open an account with the courier, to enable them to charge your account with the tax, or you risk that the work is returned to you by the courier company at your expense.


  • Handling Costs:

The British Shop will charge you £30 GBP to receive, unpack and deliver the artwork to the Chelsea Old Town Hall on Monday 27 March. The British Shop will also collect the artwork from the Chelsea Old Town Hall on Monday 3rd April, re-pack the artwork for you in the original box and prepare it for shipping for a further £30 GBP. They will make you a quote to send the work back to you or you can arrange collection from their warehouse with your shipper of choice. If you intend to arrange collection of your artwork, it must be arranged as soon as possible after the Biennale as storage charges might apply if the works are not picked up after 10 working days from their warehouse.

If you intend to ship works to the Biennale but collect the work by hand, select this option on the online form.


Specific Instructions & details