Delivery & Shipping 2017


  1. Artworks can be delivered and collected in person (by hand) directly to and from the Chelsea Old Town Hall but only on the 26th or 27th of March 2017.
  2. Artworks can only be shipped/sent by courier to our agent’s address:
    • Agent name: The British Shop
    • Works to arrive between: 10th - 20th March 2017

Important information

  1. Artworks cannot be shipped directly to the Chelsea Old Town Hall but only to our agent.
  2. The London Biennale is not able to receive or return any artwork sent by Post.
  3. Artwork must be labelled with your name and the title of the work.
  4. Artwork must be ready to be hung on the wall with hidden hanging attachments
  5. Please use cord or string on the back of artworks.
  6. Shippers have to be able to contact you at all times until the works have safely arrived, in case there is a problem. Your work could be SENT BACK to you if you cannot be contacted. Please supply the shipper with a telephone number.


Please see the links below for specific instructions. If you are sending from inside or outside the European Union there is a different process. Taking the works personally is always easiest!

Specific Instructions & details